Want to know where to find the hottest of Rome Clubs and catch the best nightlife in Rome? has got you covered!

In Rome, knowing where to go depends on the day of the week, as each club offers different music to a different audience of people based on the promoter for that night. For us Americans, let us give you an idea where to go to catch all the excitement and fun you are looking for!


Note:  Rome has changed their rules and are allowing many clubs and bars to stay open past 2 AM for bars and past 4 AM for clubs.  Check with each club's respective promoter for more information or check with the clubs directly.  Club and promoter information can be found below.





The Best Clubs


Mood Club Rome 2

Club Mood

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 205,
00186 Rome, Italy

+39 06 6880 8619










Ckub Mood is one of the top two clubs in Rome.  They are usually going on most of the week but the weekend (Thur - Sun) are the best.  Come dance to a full range of music from Hip Hop to Dance, Top 40, Raggae and more.  The bar's stocked and the crowd is a mix with a lot of Americans and Internationals.  Make sure you say hey to the fellas at the door (Big D and the gang) and give them a call for guest list.  Mention FinditinRome for special treatment.





La Maison

Vicolo dei Granari, 3,
00186 Rome, Italy
+39 06 683 3312 ‎






Don't be surprized if you bump into a professional soccer player if you hit up La Maison on a Wednesday night. Past guests have included AS Roma's Stefano Okaka and Inter Milan champion Mario Balotelli. The best in rap and hip-hop spin all the up to date beats in the rap game. Entrance is free up until 2am, club closes at 4am.                                                                                             

For information on etrance lists and tables, contact Papa Jobe: 340.498.7314

Other Cool Clubs




Shari Vari

Via di Torre Argentina 
00186 Rome, Italy
347 0877898




Shari Vari (Formerly called "Supper Club") - Start the week off right with Shari Vari! 4 rooms, coat check, club downstairs and 4 bars to keep you entertained.  This is an upscale club hosted by SoulFusion offering all the latest music ranging from hip-hop, pop, and R&B. The best part is, you don't have to pay up-scale price to enjoy yourself!

Contact Papa Jobe for entrance list and table reservations: 340.498.7314









Via Mario de' Fiori, 97,
00187 Roma, Italy
+39 06 678 4838






Gilda is the place to be on a Wednesday night as Alfredo Martinez blows up one of the best known clubs in Rome. Past guests have included none other than the 2008 World Champion Boston Celtics! Gilda is another upscale club where a dress code is standard, dress shoes/collar shirt for guys, heels and dresses for girls. Contact Alfredo for entrance list and tables: 348.097.8874







Via di Monte Testaccio, 69 
00153 Rome, Italy
06 5725 0585






AKAB - The biggest night for hip-hop and rap is at no other place than AKAB! All the biggest names in rap perform regularly at AKAB, located in Testaccio. Past performers include Busta Rhymes, DJ Green Lantern, Tony Touch, Fabolous, Blackstreet, and REDMAN.

Call Henry for free entrance and for table information: 340.076.2612.




Viale del Galoppatoio, 33
00197 Roma, Italy
+39 06 320 8371







There is no other place like Babel when it comes to upscale clubbing experience. Known for its VIP experience, Babel is a club where a dress code is required, dress shoes, sport jackets/blazers for guys, high-heels, dresses for girls. The best blend of house and hip-hop. Go out and enjoy the biggest night of the week at one of Rome's hottest clubs! Contact Alfredo for entrance list and tables: 348.097.8874