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Find it in Rome keeps you in the know on what's happening along the Tiber.  Enjoy great food, a wide  selection of cool bars, pubs and clubs and a ton of shops and fair-like games right in the historic center of Rome along the banks of the beautiful and ancient Tiber.



Game Tents in Rome Along the Tiber River:

Note:  Some of these games and locations may change as we update the site.



Above Ponte Sisto and Scrum:

Games 04550
-Air rifles, shoot and pop balloons
-prizes, stuffed animals


Below Ponte Sisto:

-BB guns
-4 euro 16 shots
-5 foozball tables
-prizes, stuffed animals


Cinema 5D
-2 euro
-special glasses

Interactive Simulators
-2 seat capsules that spin and rotate
-3 euro per person
-star wars battleship in space
-star wars land racer


Maestro Orpheus
-fortune telling
-15 euro for love, work, or health
-25 euro for everything


-BB guns, tin cans
-4 euro 10 shots, 10 euro for 3 rounds
-stuffed animal prizes

-horse racing, throw balls in hole to move horses
-sledge hammer game
-boxer punch game
-giant claw drop to catch giant prizes

Candy Stand
-2 euro for 100 grams
-mix bag of candy, help yourself
-mix bag of dried fruits, help yourself


-darts and balloons
-10 darts 3 euro


-balls and can pyramids
-2 euro or 5 euro games
-throw ball at pyramid and knock cans down


-10 tables
-1 euro to play