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Find it in Rome keeps you in the know on what's happening along the
Tiber.  Enjoy great food, a wide  selection of cool bars, pubs and clubs
and a ton of shops and fair-like games right in the historic center of
Rome along the banks of the beautiful and ancient Tiber.



Restaurants, Pizzerias and Other Dining in Rome Along the Tiber:


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Taqueria el Paso's Cantina Mexicana: For the best Mexican and American food in Rome head down  to the River (in the Lungo il Tevere section along side Isola Tiburina) and chow down on everything from Quesadillas and Fajitas to BBQ Ribs, Burgers and Salads.  Enjoy a fantastic Margherita or an ice cold Corona and dine along side a fantastic view.


Prices are great; perfect for family dining, friends or dates. 




Click here to Taqueria el Paso's Page to see the menu, pics and more!





bar poretti



Bar Poretti is a dream come true for Summer students or travelers who are looking to have a good time and save a lot of cash.  Bar Poretti offers a full menu from classic Roman pizzas to a delicious Irish steak.  They have beer, wine, Italian Sparkling Wine, Grappa and more.  Poretti is a great beer that is even better on draught. 

The manager Stefano will give all kinds of specials like a full plate of fries when you get a couple of beers, to all kinds of free food he just brings over for people to try.  It's a fun place, cool staff and amazing view of the Tiber.


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More Restaurants Along the Tiber:



BQ: Bistro del Quirino


-Cocktails 8 euro, wine by the bottle

-Aperitivo 5 euro

-beer 3/5 euro sizes



El Ritual

-Spanish bar with Spanish music

-food and beer (Heineken)

-hamburgers 6 euro

-pasta 9/10 euro




Fraschetta La Romanella

-burgers, baked potatos

-pasta 5/7 euro plates

-famous Roman porchetta 4.50 euro

-sandwiches 5 euro





Sharm el Sheikh

-hookah bar and restaurant

-food and drinks


-Hookah 10 euros

-Kabab menu combo 10 euro w/Kabab, fries, drink





-desserts and pastries

-Crepes 5 euro

-Bombe al Cioccolato (Nutella filled donut with sugar topping)


-Brioches (Southern Italian style ice cream gelato that is served in a “brioches” which is a type of bread that the gelato goes into) 3 and 4 euro sizes






-pizza 3 euro

-Suppli 2 euro

-arancini 1 euro


-burgers/fries 5 euro

-1 litre mojitos 22 euro



Ponte Garibaldi



-restaurant, sit or take away

-pasta 9 euro

-hamburger 8 euro

-steak 14 euro



La Paranza

This restaurant down on the river is located just past Ponte Garibaldi heading in the direction towards Isola Tiberina. Known for its seafood, La Paranza offers a special menu for vegetarians. With the option to order on the go or to sit and enjoy the flowing river, couple tables and long tables are available for bigger parties. You must try their fried calamari or the tuna burger! Here is a short menu to give you an idea:

Spaghetti alle Vongole(clams)- $10

Fish and Chips- $10

Calamari- $8

Tuna Burger or Cheeseburger w/potatoes and salad- $7.50



Cragnano e Pasta


-antipasta, pasta, pizza, dessert

-1st plates 12 euro

-2nd plates 12 to 15 euro



Taqueria el Paso