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Find it in Rome keeps you in the know on what's happening along the Tiber.  Enjoy great food, a wide  selection of cool bars, pubs and clubs and a ton of shops and fair-like games right in the historic center of Rome along the banks of the beautiful and ancient Tiber River.



Shopping in Rome Along the Tiber River:

Note:  Some of these shops may change as we are updating the site for 2016.



In Stabile Store
-women’s clothing store
-Dresses, purses, necklaces, hats, shoes, boots, beach sandals
-all clothes are vintage and handmade
-jewelry made by Ivano Langella (personally makes jewelry for Kylie Minogue)


Arte Del Riciclo Vintage Bijoux
-recycled jewelry made from bottle caps and other products
-rings, necklaces, bags


T-Shirt store
-men and women shirts, 15 euro


T-Shirt stand
-men/women shirts 15 euro
-bags for women


Jewelry stand
-rings, necklaces, sunglasses


Artigianato d’Arte (Piero de Luca)
-stones, minerals, crystals
-zodiac signs and stones, protective crystals
-good fortune


Near Ponte Sisto:

-bags, dresses, vintage clothing
-earrings, jewelry, bracelets


Fitness/Herbal store
-aloe vera/ tanning lotion


Rug and bag shop
-scarves, jewelry


-new/used DVDs for 5 euro


Vintage shop
-men’s t-shirts 15 euros
-women’s summer dresses 15/18 euro


Painting shop
-paintings, lamps, antiques


-personalized embroidering 10 euro
-hats, t-shirts


Etno Khushi
-all types of jewelry
-Specialized in silver


Borse in Vero Cuoio
-leather bags and belts